Why I’ll Never Shave My Face Again

Friday, September 29, 2023 | by Amy Johnson

We’re a bunch of hairy ladies.

That’s just the way our family is! Not much we could do about it. One of my aunts got laser treatment, costing $1,000s of dollars, taking 6 months of treatment and…

She is as hairy as ever.

Now we all just shave and wax. Or give up. That’s what I did when my husband left. He said he didn’t feel attracted to me anymore because I was letting my stubble get too manly. And after he left, I pretty much just stopped dating. It was so hard to stay smooth, and it didn’t even feel worth it.

Plus, I have bigger fish to fry—like raising my daughter! She’s always been a sweet, loving girl, and I feel so lucky to be her mom. Raising her was honestly a breeze!

Until my problem became her problem.

I was hoping she wouldn’t be as hairy as me, because she’s got lighter hair like her dad. But luck was not on her side. Her arm and leg hair started coming in pretty thick and fast when she was still little. I showed her how to shave younger than most moms would approve of, but I knew how it was to be the hairy girl at school, and I didn’t want that for her.

But arms and legs are one thing. I really wanted to wait as long as possible before I let her start shaving her face. I noticed a couple hairs here and there, but they seemed fine and not very noticeable. I prayed that she wouldn’t inherit my full-on mustache, and weird beard.

I was still keeping my head in the sand about the problem, until one day, she burst into the house, crying.

“Gemma, what happened??” I rushed over to her, holding her tight.

She wriggled out of my arms like a worm and started wailing.


My heart broke into a million pieces. I felt like a failure as a mother. I had been ignoring this problem for so long, that I guess I was just hoping it would disappear. But I couldn’t ignore my daughter getting bullied.

I needed to find a solution.

It was time for her to take the rite of passage all the women in my family had taken before.

It was time for my little girl to start shaving her face.

I knew from my own experience that waxing was going to be too painful for her, and too expensive for me to be able to afford on a regular basis. So out came the razors.

But as she shaved her face in the mirror, she just started bawling.

“I look like a boy,” she said, “I HATE this!!”

It was horrible.

I wished desperately that I could find a better way to help my poor sweet baby. She didn’t deserve to be a pariah!

That’s when a miracle happened.

My mom came into town to visit for a while, so we made a nice dinner.

And we had the best time! It was so great to have 3 generations of women hanging out together, talking and laughing, eating a drinking. My heart was so full! Then my mom dropped the bomb.

“How’s school, sweetie? You breaking any boys’ hearts yet? she asked.

I held my breath, and my daughter burst into tears, telling her grandmother all about the horrible bullying she was going through.

“Oh my gosh!” my mom said when she finished, “I can’t believe I forgot to tell you guys about Smooth Glide!!”

“What’s that?” we asked.

“One second,” she said excitedly, and ran into the room where she was staying.

She came back out beaming, and holding a cute little pink and white device.

“This is it!! It is MAGICAL!” she told us.

“What is it? Some kind of razor?” I asked.

“Nope! It’s only the best epilator in the world!” she said, “It completely erases hair from anywhere, pulling it out by the root. It gets all your hair, no matter how fine—even as small as a grain of sand!”

Then she stood up and showed off her completely smooth legs. She felt as smooth as a seal!

“Does it hurt?” I asked.

“The first time you use it, it does sting a little bit,” she said, “But it hurts way less than waxing or threading! You should try it!”

I took the Smooth Glide and ran it over my arm. It actually didn’t hurt much at all, and to my shock, the hair was completely gone! It was so unbelievably smooth!

“And you use it on your face?” I asked.

“Yep, I use it EVERYWHERE!” she said, “Even on my bikini area. No more bumps or ingrown hairs, and I barely even have to use it. I just keep it with me out of habit now. I haven’t used it on my legs in a month!”

Holy smokes!! This sounded like just the device for our hairy selves!

It seemed to be too good to be true, so I decided to look it up online right then and there.

There were 4,283 5-star reviews!


When I saw there was a money-back guarantee, I knew we had nothing to lose. I immediately went to order 2, for me and my daughter, but they were SOLD OUT!

“Don’t worry sweetie,” my mom said, “They sell out all the time since they went viral. Just keep checking back and I’m sure you’ll be able to order soon.”

We enjoyed the rest of our night, and I went home excited about getting a Smooth Glide of my own.

I checked back the next couple days, and they were back in stock a couple days later.

I ordered 2 Smooth Glides right away. I felt such a sense of relief wash over me when I clicked the BUY NOW button, and got my confirmation email.

Our Smooth Glides were on the way!

When they arrived, I showed my daughter, all excited like a kid on Christmas.

She was still skeptical, but we decided to go into the bathroom to try it.

It worked just as well as my mom had told us!!

My daughter had a hair-free face for the first time since she was young, and she looked incredible!

No more bullying at school, and her confidence has increased ten-fold. It’s amazing to see, and I’m so happy that she’s doing so well.

I started using my Smooth Glide too, and I just love it. Best money I ever spent. Now, a few months later, I barely even have to use it because the hair is coming back in fine and nearly invisible. When there’s even just a little bit of hair, the Smooth Glide erases it, easily and instantly.

I wanted to share my story, for any other hairy ladies out there!


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Sam Simons

Has anyone used this themselves?

Like · Reply · 1 · 1 Hour

Belinda Shafe

These are amazing for any skin type. I use it on my face mostly, and it keeps hair gone for weeks, if not months!!!

Like · Reply · 8 · 3 Hours

Mike Wright

So glad I came across this. I got 2... 1 for me and one for my sister, we both use them all the time and I haven't used a razor in weeks!

Like · Reply · 6 · 6 Hours

Vogt Anders

How long does it take to ship to Kentucky?

Like · Reply · 2 · 12 Hours

Sue Simmons

Got this super quick! Took about 3 days after I ordered. Works pretty well too, would recommend!

Like · Reply · 14 · 16 Hours

Joann Mickel

I bought one of these to take on camping trips and I'm loving it! The charge lasts a long time and it always works flawlessly

Like · Reply · 16 · 18 Hours

Vanessa Silo

Very easy to use and the fact that you can take it anywhere is awesome

Like · Reply · 24 · 23 Hours